Day: July 9, 2020

COVID-19 highlights deadly cost of corruption and the urgent need for companies to respect human rights – UN experts – World

GENEVA (9 July 2020) – UN experts today warned of the devastating human cost of corruption, including human rights abuses if governments fail to guard against fraud and bribery in health-care supply chains as they secure essential medicines and personal-protective equipment in the fight against […]

Bats offer clues to treating COVID-19: To combat COVID-19, we need to regulate our immune systems to resemble those of bats

Although humans experience adverse symptoms when afflicted with these pathogens, bats are remarkably able to tolerate viruses, and, additionally, live much longer than similar-sized land mammals. What are the secrets to their longevity and virus resistance? According to researchers at the University of Rochester, bats’ […]

Airborne transmission of coronavirus in restaurants, gyms and other closed spaces can’t be ruled out, WHO says

The World Health Organization published new guidance Thursday, saying it can’t rule out the possibility that the coronavirus can be transmitted through air particles in closed spaces indoors, including in gyms and restaurants. The WHO previously acknowledged that the virus may become airborne in certain […]