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100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic: 5 critical mistakes that created the biggest public-health crisis in a generation

The missteps of the past 100 days must not be repeated, said Gregory Poland, who studies the immunogenetics of vaccines at the Mayo Clinic. “Imagine this scenario: It’s October,” he said. “The seasonal influenza epidemic occurs. COVID-19 comes back. We’re fussing with China. There’s been […]

University of Iowa announces ‘hybrid, face-to-face’ COVID-19 plan for fall 2020 semester

The University of Iowa announced a “hybrid, face-to-face” plan for students, faculty and employees returning to campus for the fall 2020 semester amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan keeps the current academic calendar in place with the semester starting on Aug. 24 and ending on Dec. 18. However, after Thanksgiving […]