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New US coronavirus cases top 140,000, a record high for daily count

(CNN)New coronavirus daily cases in the United States hit another record high Wednesday, with 140,543 reported and more expected before the end of the day. ‘);$vidEndSlate.removeClass(‘video__end-slate–inactive’).addClass(‘video__end-slate–active’);}};CNN.autoPlayVideoExist = (CNN.autoPlayVideoExist === true) ? true : false;var configObj = {thumb: ‘none’,video: ‘business/2020/11/10/pfizer-coronavirus-vaccine-90-effective-announcement-gupta-vpx.cnn’,width: ‘100%’,height: ‘100%’,section: ‘domestic’,profile: ‘expansion’,network: ‘cnn’,markupId: ‘body-text_42’,theoplayer: […]

Russia says its coronavirus vaccine is 92% effective, as battle to beat Western drugmakers heats up

Russia said Wednesday its coronavirus vaccine is 92% effective at preventing people from getting Covid-19, based on interim trial results. The announcement by Russia’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF came two days after U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech said their vaccine was […]

North Dakota allows infected health care workers to continue working as hospitals hit capacity

(CNN)In North Dakota, staffing shortages are so critical that Gov. Doug Burgum issued an order this week allowing health care workers with active Covid-19 infections to continue working in the Covid unit of hospitals, as long as they are asymptomatic and take extra precautions. ‘);$vidEndSlate.removeClass(‘video__end-slate–inactive’).addClass(‘video__end-slate–active’);}};CNN.autoPlayVideoExist […]