Mumbai: Rise in ICU admissions among COVID-19 patients in city

The figure of Covid patients, admitted to the ICU, sharply jumped from less than one per cent in July to 9.50 per cent in August. But the civic officials specified that these patients weren’t brought to the hospitals solely because of Covid. Instead, they were incidental admissions meaning that they were hospitalised due to some other ailment, however, turned Covid positive during the routine RT-PCR test.

According to the BMC dashboard, 1,494 ICU beds were available until August 1, which dropped to 1,352 by August 31. Currently, there are only seven critical patients.

Attributing the sudden surge to the ‘more dominant’ Omicron-BA.2.75 variant, civic officials also pointed out that even people have thrown caution to the wind after the relaxation of curbs. “With the removal of Covid protocols, people have put down their guards, which is making them more susceptible to the circulating sub-variant,” said BMC executive health officer Dr Mangala Gomare.

A senior official from the civic health department said the number of ICU patients will increase as there has been a drastic surge in the daily Covid cases across the city. “We will be witnessing more rise in numbers as cases are increasing. Currently, all incidental hospitalisation is being associated with Covid. No one has been admitted to the ICU for Covid. Most of the patients are senior citizens but there are some patients who are below 40 years of age,” the official said.

Similarly, a doctor from a private hospital said that most of the Covid patients admitted in the hospital tested positive during the mandatory RT-PCR test done before surgery. Otherwise, Covid cases are on the rise but they are mild and require symptomatic treatment in home isolation.

“We hardly have anyone in ICU due to Covid pneumonia. Most of them have the aggravation of a problem related to their comorbidity. All are of mixed age groups. But none of them are on oxygen support or a ventilator,” the doctor added.

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