Madhya Pradesh: Meet the unsung saviours who risked own lives to offer Covid19 jabs during the pandemic

Orchha (Niwari)

Post March 2020, when the world was rattled by an entirely unknown virus which was named—Corona, Madhya Pradesh too wasn’t spared by the unprecedented health hazard.

However there were some who rose to the occasion, risking their own lives to save others, not caring about their own self, their families and even little ones born recently.

As the vaccination had finally started for terminating the pandemic in year 2021, health workers were pressed into service on war footing and more than the virus itself, they had to encounter the hostile beneficiaries as well.

Three of the health workers, Auxiliary Nurses Midwives (ANMs) were felicitated for their courage and zeal in the covid19 vaccination during a daylong workshop organized by Unicef-Madhya Pradesh on Thursday.

Ramkumari Ahirwar, one of the ANMs from Niwari district claimed that locals apprehensive of rumoured side-effects were hardly interested in takings jabs. But with persistent persuasion, awareness and intervention of senior officers, things changed and locals started to accept these vaccines.

Sunita Ahirwar, another zealous health worker from Niwari claimed that their families never hindered their work and even stood as a support in this noble cause. Replying to a question, she smilingly said those who were angered initially later turned their attitude and now thank them for the timely vaccination.

There were workers like ANM Uma Ahirwar from the same district who even did not fear for their little ones in the family and used to go out for vaccination drives daily. I had to leave my one-year-old son at home and my family supported me throughout, added Uma saying she alone would have offered 60,000-70,000 jabs to locals in covid19 period.

Dr Santosh Shukla, the State Vaccination in charge who spearheaded the entire drive recounted how people were apprehensive of taking jabs after rumours spread like wildfire.  “We even took entire responsibility of treatment if at all anyone had health issues after taking these jabs,” said Dr Shukla through persistent persuasion and awareness, public slowly started to have faith in the drive.

We had targeted High Spreader Groups like milkman, veggie seller and shopkeepers to make sure they don’t transmit the disease on large scale, he adding saying innovations like vaccination centre at Drive In Cinema was mooted and was emulated at pan-India level.

Margret Gwada, the Chief of Unicef MP said Madhya Pradesh has done great job in administering 130 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine with 1st dose coverage of 97% and 2nd dose coverage of 94%. This demonstrates tremendous efforts and dedication right from the highest authority of Chief Minister, Health Department, front line workers and all the vaccinators at ground who achieved this.

However we need to use this energy to reach out to eligible population with precaution dose and re-energize efforts for reaching out with routine immunization for ALL children of Madhya Pradesh. Immunization is the right of each and every child, she added.

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