Global strategy will support the country in overcoming COVID 19: Dr Naveet Wig

New Delhi [India], July 31 (ANI): Dr Naveet Wig, Head of the Medicine Department, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Delhi on Saturday said it is important to follow the global strategy in India in overcoming COVID 19.
He added that the policy of removing masks followed by the US was incorrect.
“WHO and United Nation they all have to give strong warning that it is a global emergency and it has to be tackled globally. So, the global strategy will only help us to overcome this,” said Dr Wig.
“We have to contain this virus in local areas and then we have to reduce transmission in those areas where transmission is high and this formula is simple it applies globally to each and every district, each and every village the moment test positivity rate rises, it should be less than one per cent globally in each district,” said Dr Wig.
“The whole strategy cannot be different for some country or different locality or district. So, the test positivity rate has to remain less than one per cent in each district, and the policy of testing, isolation, and then quarantine has to be followed otherwise delta will spread, what happened in the US, we have been telling them at least since two months that this policy of removing the mask isn’t correct,” he emphasized while talking to ANI.
“People should wear a clean mask, social distancing has to be maintained, social gatherings cannot happen, we know that this virus comes back even if the variants come they may be more aggressive or less aggressive but we have to be very careful because we can only be pick up by test and track and test positivity rate,” he added.
This comes after WHO on Friday said that the Delta variant of Covid-19 is a warning to the world and it is important to suppress the virus quickly before it mutates again into something even worse.
The Centre has also reviewed the COVID-19 situation in 10 states showing an upsurge in Covid cases and districts with more than 10 per cent positivity.
“In districts with more than 10 per cent positivity, strict restrictions advised preventing crowds and intermingling of people. Testing to be ramped up along with Vaccination Saturation in Targeted Districts for vulnerable groups,” read a statement by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. (ANI)