Flu shot and Omicron COVID-19 booster: What to know about doubling up

Dr. Adajla: “If you fall into a high-risk category, you should not wait to be boosted.”

Dr. Schaffner pointed out the things you should be mindful of before receiving a COVID-19 booster:

Dr. Schaffner: “Now, there are some people who are thinking about this very carefully. For example, they have a trip planned sometime toward, let’s say, the beginning of November or end of October, and they’re planning to get their updated COVID vaccines two weeks before they take their trip.

[Whether this makes sense,] I think that a lot depends on who you are. If you’re younger and stronger, and don’t have any underlying illnesses, if your vaccine is otherwise up-to-date, you could consider that.

If you’re older, if you’re frail with underlying illnesses, if you have diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, if you are immune-compromised in any way, I would urge you to get it now, rather than put it off because there are risks in the community. These Omicron variants are still circulating briskly across the country.”