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Below are current coronavirus disease 2019 statistics for Department of the Air Force personnel. 

September 7, 2022
Current as of 2 p.m., September 6, 2022

*These numbers include all of the cases that were reported since our last update on Aug. 23.
**Military includes Active and Reserve components.



*Civilian statistics are unaccounted for.
**These numbers are subject to change.

The Department of the Air Force is complying with the court order to pause all disciplinary and adverse actions for those refusing the COVID-19 vaccine who submitted a timely religious accommodation request. This includes the Air Force Reserve Command processing Airmen to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).

Medical: Medical exemptions are determined individually by the member’s medical provider.

Administrative: Administrative exemptions are determined individually. For example, if a member obtained a commander-approved submission for separation or retirement by Nov. 1, they are administratively exempt.

Religious Accommodation: Religious accommodations are a subset of administrative exemptions and are determined by the MAJCOM/FLDCOM commanders. The DAF has 30 business days (active component in CONUS) to process requests. Members who receive a denial of the accommodation request ha five calendar days from the denial to 1) begin a COVID-19 vaccination regimen, 2) submit an appeal to the final appeal authority or 3) request to separate or retire. Appeals are determined by the DAF’s Surgeon General with inputs from the chaplain and staff judge advocate. Individuals do not have to get immunized as long as their request is in the process of being decided. 

Members who continue refusing to obey a lawful order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine after their accommodation request has been denied or retirement/separation has not been approved will be subject to initiation of administrative discharge proceedings.

Personnel Numbers (approximates):

  • 326,000 Active Component (U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force) 
  • 105,000 Air National Guard
  • 66,000 Air Force Reserve
  • 497,000 Total Force (Active Duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve)