Where Covid-19 cases are high and low across Dorset

Public Health England breaks down the numbers of coronavirus cases into neighbourhoods called ‘Middle Super Output Areas’ (MSOAs), which are smaller than council wards and based on population rather than geographical area.

The interactive map, which can be found through this link, allows users to type in their postcode and see how many cases were reported in their area and if it has increased or decreased from the week before. The darker the colour on the image, the more positive test results have been recorded. 

The map shows where active coronavirus cases are in Dorset and wider country. Picture: Public Health England

The map highlights which areas of the county have three or more confirmed cases of the virus and colour co-coordinates the areas by how many cases they have.

In the seven days up to Sunday, August 29, Dorset reported 2,285 cases. BCP Council area reported 1,217 cases while Dorset Council area reported 1,068 cases.

The following 10 areas have the highest number of active coronavirus cases: 

  • Poole Town – 49 cases (up by six)
  • Beaminster, Maiden Newton Halstock – 48 cases (up by 19)
  • Westham North Radipole – 46 cases (up by six)
  • Newtown – 44 cases (up by 13)
  • Weymouth Town, Melcombe Regis Rodwell – 43 cases (down by 10)
  • Parley Hampreston – 41 cases (up by 10)
  • St Leonards – 39 cases (up by 12)
  • Southbourne West – 38 cases (up by one)
  • East Cliff – 37 cases (down by 21)
  • Charlton Down, Cerne Abbas Puddletown – 36 cases (down by 22)

The following 10 areas have the lowest number of active coronavirus cases: 

  • West Highcliffe – Suppressed (less than three cases)
  • Sturminster Marshall Crichel – Three cases (down by 14)
  • West Moors – Seven cases (down by three)
  • Ferndown Town – Nine cases (down by seven)
  • East Verwood – 10 cases (down by three)
  • Gillingham – 10 cases (down by 11)
  • Merley – 11 cases (down by nine)
  • Alderholt Sixpenny Handley – 12 cases (down by three)
  • Bridport South West Bay – 12 cases (down by 13)
  • Somerford – 12 cases (down by three)