Interactive map: Find out how many Covid-19 cases there are in your area

The latest official figures showing the spread of coronavirus across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire give an idea of how your community is affected.

The regions are broken down into smaller community areas and show the number of Covid-19 cases from November 1-7.

That number can also be put into context – by saying how many cases there have been per 100,000 population.

The Scotland-wide seven-day positive rate per 100k population is 152.4 cases.

Aberdeen has an average rate per 100k population of 35.9, while Aberdeenshire’s is 31.4, but Glasgow city, which is one tier away at level three, is recorded as 313.8.

Figures have shown that cases in many areas over the past week from have remained low in the north-east with both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire seeing 82 cases.

However, there are several areas in the north-east which are showing slightly higher numbers – including Cummings Park which has 4,733 and had 1-4 cases for its seven-day average, Culter which recorded six cases and has a population of 4,733 and West End North where there are 3,647 people,  had five cases.

Meanwhile Bucksburn South, which has a population of 4,458 also fell into the 1-4 cases category.

In Aberdeenshire Fraserburgh Central Academy, which has 2,590 residents, Auchnagatt with 3,139 people and Peterhead Bay which has a population of 2,440 all had between 1-4 cases for the seven-day average. However, Rosehearty and Strathbeg which has a population of 6,269 saw nine cases.

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