‘America’s Got Talent’ star Jay Jay Phillips has died from Covid-19 – reports

America’s Got Talent star Jay Jay Phillips has died, aged 30.

His family told TMZ that the musician was suffering from Covid-19 at the time of his death, noting that he became sick during Thanksgiving week.

The outlet also reported that his family and friends were checking in on him, but just before the holiday his condition deteriorated.

While his family urged him to go to the hospital, the outlet reports that he told them that he just needed to “sleep it off”.

Phillips’ girlfriend and mother reportedly returned to check on him on Thanksgiving and found him dead at his home.

Philips took part in season four of America’s Got Talent and was known for his signature wild look and keyboard rock style.

While he was eliminated from that competition early in season four, he returned for season 12 in 2017, eight years after his initial audition.

He made it through the first round but was eliminated just before the quarter-finals.

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