Trump escalates tension with World Health Organization over coronavirus pandemic, repeats threat to withhold funding

“Organizations have to work. They have to deliver the outcomes for which they were intended,” Pompeo said. “We need to make sure that, not only the World Health Organization but every international organization that we take taxpayer money and give it to them for the benefit of America, we need to make sure it’s delivering on those tax payer dollars.”

Trump first said he was thinking about withholding funds to the WHO on Tuesday, saying the international agency pushed back on his travel ban from China early in the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s unclear how Trump would do this, however. Congress has already authorized $122 million for the WHO for this fiscal year, and while Trump has proposed $58 million in funding for the agency in fiscal 2021, Congress is unlikely to authorize such a drastic funding cut, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

The WHO “really called, I would say, every aspect of it wrong,” Trump said.

Trump complained Wednesday that China contributes “a small fraction” of the amount of funding the U.S. sends to the WHO every year. “And i think they have to get their priorities right, and their priorities are that every country has to be treated properly. Every country. And it doesn’t seem that way, does it?” he said.