Possible COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics In SD2 Schools | Coronavirus | kulr8.com – KULR

Parents, what if your student could get a covid-19 vaccine at school?

The idea came up at the SD-2 school board meeting Monday night.

John Felton, with RiverStone Health, said a big factor will be when the COVID vaccines become available for kids that are 5 to 11 years old.

Right now, they can’t get vaccinated.

Felton said the data shows there’s been a recent drop in covid-19 cases with the school-age population–and he attributes that to the mitigation efforts put in by the school district–specifically masks and cleaning efforts.

The idea of doing vaccine clinics at the schools is not a new idea; Riverstone Health did it for the H1N1 wave several years ago, but the vaccine availability for the younger kids is a big factor with this.

“When we get to the point of vaccinating those younger kids, and set up clinics in the schools, it just increases the chances we could get those kids to come. And we’ve done it before, when we had H1N1, we did several clinics at the schools in their gyms,” Felton said. 

Felton said these vaccines would not be required, and a parent would have to sign off before a student could get the shot.