Pleasure Island Disaster Relief Fund helping others through covid-19

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY)–During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people across the country have been helping out their neighbors in more ways than one. That has transferred over to the Cape Fear, with the Pleasure Island Disaster Relief Fund playing a big part.

Throughout the Pandemic, the relief fund and Pleasure Island Habitat have been giving back to those affected by covid-19. Their most recent project is raising money for families in need of additional childcare due to the new school schedules throughout New Hanover County.

Bryant Bass, who helps run the fund, says it’s all about giving back to those in need.

“A lot of families are being forced to watch their children during the day and either not go to work because their work doesn’t lend themselves to working remote and it’s just been very difficult,”says Bass. “So, that’s kind of our big push right now is to help people get back to work.”

The group is working towards helping 11 different families with childcare across the Cape Fear. If you’re interested in donating to their covid-19 cause you can visit their Facebook page.