OSDH: Oklahoma tops 150000 COVID-19 cases since March; 23 more deaths reported

Oklahoma topped the 150,000 mark in the number of overall COVID-19 cases since the first was confirmed in early March. More than 1,500 Oklahomans have died due COVID-19 or complications from the virus.

COVID-19 continues to spread in the state, with 2,847 new cases and 23 more deaths, including Enid and Lahoma residents, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported Saturday.

The 1.9% increase brought the total number of cases to 150,205, with 25,356 of those active (16.88%), a single-day increase of 1,265, and 123,333 recovered (82.11%), including 1,559 since Friday’s OSDH report.

Overall, there have been 1,516 deaths in which COVID-19 was the cause or a contributor, according to OSDH. Those reported Saturday were 12 men and 11 women, with 20 in the 65 and older age range, two in the 36-49 age range and one in the 50-64 age range, OSDH reported.

Counties of residence were three in Oklahoma, two each in Cleveland, Comanche, Custer, Garfield and Tulsa and one each in Cherokee, Grady, Kay, Kiowa, McCurtain, Okmulgee, Ottawa, Seminole, Stephens and Wagoner. OSDH does not designate gender and age per county on the weekends.

Garfield County saw an increase of 45 cases for a cumulative 2,960, with 409 of those active and 2,518 recovered. Enid saw a gain of 41 cases for 2,708 overall, with 379 active, 2,296 recovered and 33 deaths.

OSDH has officially reported 33 deaths both in Enid and Garfield County, but there also was one reported Saturday from Lahoma, which is near the county line for Major, where no deaths were reported Saturday by the OSDH. The discrepancy is being investigated by the Health Department, Anthony Triana, OSDH spokesman, said.

Northwest Oklahoma county case increases on Saturday also included 56 in Woodward, 11 in Kingfisher, five each in Major and Woods, four in Noble, three in Blaine and two each in Alfalfa and Grant, according to OSDH.

Case gains in Northwest Oklahoma cities and towns included 47 in Woodward, five each in Alva and Hennessey, four in Fairview, two each in Cashion, Kingfisher, Mooreland, Seiling and Sharon and one each in Cherokee, Cleo Springs, Fairmont, Helena, Lamont, Marshall, Medford, Meno, Okarche, Okeene, Pond Creek, Watonga, Waukomis and Waynoka. Wakita saw a reduction of one case.

Weekly update

This past week saw a 74.8% increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases as compared to the prior week, according to the OSDH weekly report released Friday.

There were 16,919 cases reported from Nov. 5-12 compared to 9,680 Oct. 30-Nov. 5. Because of a weekend backlog without one day of reporting, both weeks include Nov. 5 to allow for 7 days of data, according to OSDH.

Recovered cases for the same time period also increased, with 10,126 compared to 7,776, and deaths were down, with 89 reported Nov. 5-12 compared to 107 the prior week. There also was a 7.2% increase in the number of hospitalizations, which topped 10,000 overall this past week. As of Friday, there were 1,247 COVID-19-positive patients in hospitals.

From September 1 to November 1, Oklahoma has seen a 52% increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in cities and towns with mask mandates compared to a 75% increase in those without the mandates, according to OSDH data.

Oklahoma ranks 25th in the number of reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and 16th in the cumulative incidence, per 100,000 persons, of reported COVID-19 cases in the nation, according to OSDH data.

On Saturday, Oklahoma was higher than the national average in number of new cases, 1.9% to 1.7%; deaths, 1.5% to .6%; active cases, 5.3% to 2.2% and recovered cases, 1.3% to 1.1%, according to data on the OSDH website.

Nationally, there have been 10.7 million cases of the virus, with nearly 6.4 million active. There have been 244,332 Americans die of the virus and 4 million who have recovered.

There have been 78,599 Oklahoma women and 71,537 men who have tested positive for COVID-19, according to OSDH as of Saturday. There were 69 designated as unknown gender.

The 18-35 age group, with 834 new cases confirmed Saturday, made up 33.8% of cases in the state. Other new case gains were 656 in the 36-49 age group, 537 in the 50-64 age group, 394 in the 65 and older age group, 374 in the 5-17 age group and 48 in the 0-4 group.

Cumulative totals of confirmed cases as of Saturday were 2,758 in the 0-4 age group, 15,042 in the 5-17 age group, 50,804 in the 18-35 age group, 32,408 in the 36-49 age group, 27,868 in the 50-64 age group and 21,311 in the 65 and older age group. There were 14 listed as unknown age.

Of the overall 1,516 deaths in the state in which the virus was the cause or a contributor, 1,224 have been 65 and older and 231 have been ages 50-64, making up a combined 96% of the total. There have been 45 deaths in the 36-49 age group, 15 in the 18-35 age group and one in the 5-17 age group. More men, 860, than women, 565, have succumbed to the virus, according to OSDH on Saturday.

Data shows deaths in 71 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, with 260 in Oklahoma County; 235 in Tulsa County; 116 in Cleveland County; 57 in Rogers County; 43 in Washington County; 42 in McCurtain County; 41 in County; 34 in Wagoner County; 33 in Garfield County; 31 in Delaware County; 29 in Muskogee County; 27 in Caddo County; 26 in Comanche County; 25 in LeFlore County; 24 in Canadian County; 23 in Lincoln County; 22 in Ottawa County; 21 each in Pittsburg and Pottawatomie counties; 20 each in Jackson and Kay counties; 19 in Grady County; 17 each in Bryan, Mayes and Osage counties; 16 each in Beckham, McClain and Payne counties; 15 in Okmulgee County; 14 in Sequoyah County; 13 each in Adair and Carter counties; 12 in McIntosh County; 11 each in Custer, Okfuskee, Stephens and Texas counties; 10 in Cherokee County; eight each in Garvin, Greer, Pontotoc and Seminole counties; seven in Hughes County; six each in Kingfisher, Pushmataha and Woodward counties; five each in Haskell, Kiowa, Pawnee and Roger Mills counties; four each in Johnston, Nowata and Tillman counties; three each in Cotton, Grant, Latimer, Logan, Murray and Noble counties; two each in Blaine, Choctaw, Craig, Harper, Major, Marshall and Washita counties; and one each in Atoka, Beaver, Dewey, Jefferson, Love and Woods counties.

Northwest Oklahoma

COVID-19 data per county released Saturday by OSDH:

• Garfield with 2,960 cases, 2,518 recovered, 409 active and 33 deaths from Enid and one from Lahoma;

• Woodward with 1,513 cases, 1,341 recovered, 166 active and six deaths, three from Woodward, two from Fort Supply, including a William S. Key Correctional Center inmate, and one from Mooreland;

• Kingfisher with 692 cases, 594 recovered, 92 active and six deaths, three from Okarche, two from Hennessey and one from Kingfisher;

• Noble with 306 cases, 217 recovered, 86 active and three deaths, including a Billings man;

• Major with 304 cases, 219 recovered, 83 active and two deaths, towns not listed;

• Woods with 291 cases, 209 recovered, 81 active and one death from Alva;

• Blaine with 275 cases, 231 recovered, 42 active and two deaths, both from Canton;

• Alfalfa with 164 cases, 139 recovered and 25 active;

• Grant with 157 cases, 125 recovered, 29 active and three deaths, two from Wakita and one from Deer Creek.

Cumulative COVID-19 cases by city or town in Northwest Oklahoma include 2,708 in Enid (379 active); 895 Fort Supply (four active); 506 in Woodward (142 active); 295 in Kingfisher (38 active); 256 in Alva (74 active); 219 in Hennessey (27 active); 184 in Fairview (53 active); 108 in Watonga (24 active); 88 in Okarche (17 active); 68 in Helena (six active); 58 in Mooreland (nine active); 57 in Pond Creek (13 active); 52 in Garber (five active); 50 in Cashion (11 active); 48 in Cherokee (eight active); 47 in Waukomis (six active); 46 each in Canton (six active) and Lahoma (three active); 42 in Ringwood (14 active); 41 in Medford (nine active); 39 in Billings (21 active); 37 each in Dover and Okeene (three active); 36 in Seiling (11 active); 24 in Cleo Springs (10 active); 21 each in Covington (four active) and in Wakita (one active); 18 each in Ames (one active) and Fairmont (one active); 17 each in Meno (four active) and Waynoka (four active); 15 each in Kremlin (four active), Longdale (two active) and Nash (one active); 13 each in Burlington, Lamont (two active) and Mulhall (two active); 12 in Sharon (six active); 11 each in Aline (nine active) and Orlando (two active); 10 in Jet (one active); nine each in Drummond (three active) and Marshall (three active); eight in Carmen (two active); seven each in Freedom (two active) and Hunter; six each in Hitchcock and Hillsdale (one active); five in Goltry (one active); and four each in Dacoma (two active) and Deer Creek (two active), according to data released by OSDH on Saturday. Residents living in areas with under 100 in population or those with unknown addresses may be recorded as “other.”

In Enid, there have been 1,361 cases, with 1,156 recovered and 21 deaths from the 73701 ZIP code, primarily the eastern half of the city, and 1,318 cases, with 1,117 recovered and 12 deaths from 73703, or the western half, according to OSDH data on Saturday. There were six recovered cases in the 73705 ZIP code, which is listed as Vance Air Force Base at https://www.unitedstateszipcodes.org/.


care cases

Long-term care or nursing home COVID-19 cases listed by OSDH in Garfield County include 37 recovered at The Commons, 27 with 21 recovered and five deaths at Golden Oaks Village, 27 with 20 recovered and three deaths at The Living Center, 18 with 16 recovered and one death at Kenwood Manor, nine recovered cases at Greenbrier Nursing Home, seven with six recovered each at The Arbors Assisted Living Center, four with three recovered cases at Garland Road Nursing and Rehab Center, three with two recovered at Enid Senior Care and one recovered case at Greenbrier Village Residential Living, according to the OSDH weekly report.

COVID-19 cases in area long-term care facilities include four recovered cases at Summers HealthCare in Blaine County; 10 with nine recovered and one death at Community Health Center in Grant County; three recovered cases at First Shamrock Care Center, four with three recovered cases at Countrywood Assisted Living and Memory Care and 73 with 71 recovered and two deaths at Hennessey Nursing Rehab, in Kingfisher County; four with three recovered cases at Fairview Fellowship Home for Senior Citizens in Major County; three with two recovered cases at Billings Fairchild Center in Noble County; two recovered cases each at Beadles Nursing Home and Share Medical Center in Woods County; 20 with 19 recovered at Mooreland Heritage Manor and 31 with 27 recovered and three deaths at Woodward Skilled Nursing and Therapy in Woodward County; and five recovered cases at Center of Family Love in Okarche, just south of the Kingfisher County line, in Canadian County, according to OSDH.

Oklahoma per county 11.14.20

COVID-19 cases per county in Oklahoma as reported by the Oklahoma State Department of Health Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020. SOURCE: OSDH

Oklahoma per city 11.14.20

COVID-19 cases per city in Oklahoma as reported by the Oklahoma State Department of Health Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020. SOURCE: OSDH

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