New Haven Giving COVID-19 Test Kits to Vulnerable Residents, School System

The city of New Haven announced that they are giving their initial allotment of COVID-19 test kits to community groups serving vulnerable residents.

These community groups serve residents such as the elderly and those experiencing homelessness.

Mayor Justin Elicker said a large portion of tests is also going to New Haven Public Schools for families and school children who are symptomatic or have a known COVID exposure.

The city will not be distributing any COVID-19 test kits to the general public this week. Officials are encouraging residents to use the Wren Labs sites on Sargent Drive or the New Haven Green, as well as other testing locations.


New Haven recently distributed 10,000 tests they acquired on their own to essential personnel such as firefighters, police officers and public works staff. They were instructed to pick up tests only if they’re symptomatic or have a known COVID-19 exposure.

New Haven has been distributing N95 masks that it received from the state and the city said it will continue to do so.

City officials said they expect to receive additional COVID-19 test kits from the state this week. They’ll announce additional distribution plans when those are received.

“Earlier today [Sunday] I was at the distribution site for New Haven Public School staff who are symptomatic or have a known COVID exposure,” said Elicker. “Our team has an efficient operation going, and it was great to see so many essential city staff coming out to get tests. Particularly it was great to see so many teachers getting tests in order to ensure they’re ready to return safely to work tomorrow [Monday] morning. We thank everyone for working through this difficult time.”