New COVID-19 rules may mean higher premiums and even pink slips for the unvaccinated

Millions of workers are facing new federal vaccine rules in the wake of President Joe Biden’s order on Thursday that large employers require their staffs to be vaccinated, or implement weekly COVID-19 testing for workers who are not.

The new requirement applies to employers with at least 100 workers, potentially affecting more than 80 million people. Another 20 million who work with or for the federal government will have to be vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates are legal as long as employees can seek accommodations for legitimate medical or religious reasons, most experts say. And a survey released last month by business management platform Qualtrics found that six in 10 workers support vaccine requirements, though 23% of workers said they’d strongly think about quitting if their employer imposed such a rule.  

Who’s covered by Biden’s new vaccine mandates? When do they go into effect? Here’s what we know.

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Here is how the new federal rules may play out in the workplace.

How soon do the new rules kick in?

Some companies, such as United Airlines and Tyson Foods, have already mandated that their workers get the shot. But it may take a little time for the new, broader federal rules to kick in, with the White House saying the formal guidelines should be issued “in the coming weeks.”