Michigan shatters weekly COVID-19 case record with single-day high

Michigan added to its already record-setting week for COVID-19 cases with 3,792 new confirmed cases Saturday.

Michigan also added 31 more confirmed deaths on Saturday — 20 of which were identified during a records review. The additions bring the state’s total number of confirmed cases to 178,180 and total confirmed deaths to 7,340, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Michigan had a total of 20,154 cases this week, making it the third consecutive week to break weekly records. It shattered last week’s record of 13,129 confirmed cases and 10,241 cases two weeks ago.

Saturday’s 3,792 daily cases were also a single-day record, surpassing Thursday’s high of 3,675 cases.

Michigan’s numbers are even higher with probable cases. The state now has 197,406 probable and confirmed cases and 7,699 confirmed and probable deaths, according to state health department data.