Memphis restaurants permanently closed due to COVID-19 pandemic

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  • Pappy  Jimmie's Restaurant1 of 47
  • Formosa2 of 47
  • Burkle's Bakery-Restaurant3 of 47
  • Anderton's East4 of 47
  • Angela and Brice Graziana stand at the entrance to the dining room Aubergine in East Memphis.5 of 47
  • Bombay Bicycle Club6 of 47
  • Captain Bilbo's7 of 47
  • Captain Bilbo's8 of 47
  • Captain Bilbo's9 of 47
  • Captain Bilbo's10 of 47
  • Captain Bilbo's11 of 47
  • Encore Restaurant  Bar12 of 47
  • Herman Burkle and his sister, Ruth Burkle Lee, enjoy a laugh with waitress Madge Logan, center, at the counter of Burkle's Bakery and Restaurant on June 9, 1976.13 of 47
  • Hungry Fisherman14 of 47
  • Rick Farmer creates one of Jarrett's popular fish dishes Monday June 20, 2005.15 of 47
  • Jarrett's chef Rick Farmer's apricot barbecued rack of lamb with apricot stuffed 'pommes anna' is pictured in October 2008.16 of 47
  • Kevin Waller, right, sets up a table in one of the many intimate dining rooms at Jim's Place East on Shelby Oaks Drive in 2010.17 of 47
  • John Grisanti's Restaurant18 of 47
  • John Wills BBQ19 of 47
  • John Wills BBQ20 of 47
  • Just For Lunch21 of 47
  • Justine's22 of 47
  • Justine's23 of 47
  • La Tourelle24 of 47
  • Tyler Strom helps himself to some salad at a dinner for University of Memphis soccer teams at LuLu Grille.25 of 47
  • Mantia's International Food in January 200626 of 47
  • This is a grilled pear with boursin cheese, toasted almond, and balsamic vinegar salad served at Mantia's in January 2006. In the background is Italian tomato basil soup.27 of 47
  • Marena's menu28 of 47
  • Chef Jose Gutierrez's Roasted grouper with asparagus, peppers, soy beans, and hericots verts at Encore in the Peabody Place mall in January 2006.29 of 47
  • T.G.I. Fridays in Overton Square30 of 47
  • T.G.I. Fridays in Overton Square31 of 47
  • =The Elegant Farmer, as seen on May 31, 2011.   Xena Lovelady adds a finishing touch to a dish.32 of 47
  • The Elegant Farmer on May 31, 201133 of 47
  • February 21, 2015 - The dining room is full during Friday dinner at the The Farmer restaurant on Highland Ave. The restaurant specializes in sourcing food from local growers with an ever-changing menu that reflects seasonal availability of ingredients.34 of 47
  • Classic ice cream sodas at Wiles-Smith Drugs.35 of 47
  • June 27, 2014 - Owner Charles Smith makes a strawberry milkshake at Wiles-Smith.36 of 47
  • Coretta Hopper, catering manager for Leonard's Pit BarbecueInc., and a small crew of employees went about the business of cleaning up at the restaurant at 1140 South Bellevue Blvd. on July 6, 1991, the day after the restaurant closed for the last time.37 of 47
  • Mike's Restaurant owner Ron DeMeio talks with customers on Feb. 11, 2005.. Mike's will be closing Feb. 20 after serving Memphians for 40 years.38 of 47
  • Patrolmen W.E. Crews and Robert Goodwin on foot patrol outside the Bombay Bicycle Club on Overton Square Sept. 5, 1973.39 of 47
  • Fred Goldsmith, Jr., secretary of Goldsmith's, literally threw out the red carpet on May 10, 1954, for visitor's to the store's new Cavalier Restaurant in the Gayoso.40 of 47
  • August 15, 2011: Yosemite Sam's lunch regular Ken Arnold (left) enjoys some conversation with his brother John Arnold after their meal. The Midtown restaurant and karaoke bar will will throw a final bash on Aug. 27 and then close its doors for good after 40 years of operation at the corner of Madison and Cooper.41 of 47
  • The Kitchen is located at Shelby Farms Park, at 415 Great View East, Suite 101. The restaurant will close on Dec. 30.42 of 47
  • Feb 21, 2014 - DejaVu Chef Gary Williams passes plates from the kitchen during lunch at his restaurant's downtown location on South Main St.43 of 47
  • May 29, 2015 - Selected menus from the collection of Fredric Koeppel. Koeppel has donated his collection of 1,050 restaurant menus to the Memphis library.44 of 47
  • May 29, 2015 - Selected menus from the collection of Fredric Koeppel. Koeppel has donated his collection of 1,050 restaurant menus to the Memphis library.45 of 47
  • January 18, 2016 - Patrons dine inside Buntyn Corner Cafe, which is located inside the Independent Bank Building at 5050 Poplar Ave. in East Memphis.46 of 47
  • The Fried Catfish Trolley Po'Boy at The Trolley Stop Market.47 of 47

restaurants across the Memphis area start to reopen, there are some that will never open their doors again.

Here is a list of restaurants that will remain permanently closed after initially temporarily shutting their doors in March when the coronavirus pandemic hit Memphis.

Grove Grill

After almost 23 years in operation, Grove Grill, 4550 Poplar Ave., announced it  will not reopen.

The East Memphis restaurant was founded in 1997 by Jeff Dunham and Chip Apperson. Apperson moved to New Orleans years ago, and since then the Dunham family has run the restaurant. In 2017, Jeff’s son Chip and his wife, Amanda, took over the reins.

Chip Dunham said they only had 10 months left on their Laurelwood lease, so they didn’t feel the investment in reopening was worth it for that short amount of time.

Dunham has been busy working on a new concept since the fall. Magnolia May, a rustic brasserie, may open next week. Dunham could not announce an official opening date yet as he is waiting on final inspections. 

Farm Fries

According to owner Mark Waugh, Farm Fries, 7724 Poplar Pike, will not reopen.

The Germantown burger shop was known for gourmet burgers made with grass-fed beef, as well as its hand-cut fries. (We will miss the Brussels burger and hope someone adds a version to their menu. Quick fried Brussels sprouts leaves, used in place of lettuce, added a surprisingly delightful crunch and flavor to a burger.)

The building on Poplar Pike is currently for sale.

Avenue Coffee

Avenue Coffee, 786 Echles, had been serving coffee to the University of Memphis area since 2014. Located at the corner of Echles and Douglass, the coffee shop was known for its artisan coffee and as a gathering spot for the university-area community.

Strano by Chef Josh

Strano by Chef Josh, 518 Perkins Extd., was the second restaurant by chef Josh Steiner.  In 2018, he moved his popular Cooper-Young eatery to a much larger space in East Memphis. The focus of the menu was on Italian fare, drawn from his Sicilian heritage. His hand-breaded mozzarella sticks raised the bar on this appetizer.

Steiner is currently cooking up a new baked goods business with his new wife Wallis.  Watch for WJ to debut soon.

Sear Shack

Sear Shack had several locations across the Memphis area, including East Memphis, Arlington, Collierville, Bartlett and Hernando. The burger spot had a simple menu — focusing on burgers hand-pattied from Angus beef, hand-cut fries and hand-spun milkshakes. (We would always order an extra side of their signature “Sear sauce” to dip our fries in.)

This story will be updated.

Jennifer Chandler is the Food Dining Reporter at The Commercial Appeal. She can be reached at and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @cookwjennifer.