Illinois Dentists Report Worker Shortages Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has forced all kinds of workers to adapt, and that includes various medical fields. 

As dentists across Illinois experience staffing shortages and an increased demand for dental appointments, they are asking state officials to consider teledentistry and other services to help fill the demand. 

“We are advocating for people to have the appropriate level of training to have these [teledentistry] services,” said Dr. Kirk Noraian, communication chair of the Illinois State Dental Society. “So, when it comes to being a dental assistant, being able to offer these programs. We are looking at them going through a continued education program.”

Dr. Scott Tomar, professor and an associate dean for prevention and public health services at the University of Illinois Chicago’s College of Dentistry joins Kirk on “Chicago Tonight” to discuss the dental worker shortage, low recruitment and the demand in patient appointments.