CT COVID-19 Test Positivity Hits Record-Breaking 17.8%; More Than 1K Hospitalized

Connecticut’s COVID-19 test positive rate jumped from the highest percentage the state had seen at just under 15% on Tuesday to another record-breaking number at 17.8% Wednesday. This is the highest recorded test positivity since widespread testing began earlier in the pandemic.

Of the 42,295 COVID-19 tests administered since Tuesday, 7,520 came back positive.

Last week, the state’s COVID-19 test positive rate hovered just below 10%.

Hospitalizations also jumped, with a net increase of 150 since Tuesday. There are now 1,113 people hospitalized with the virus.

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The state is working to increase access to testing as demand surges, including the distribution of at-home testing kits. However, the governor’s office announced Wednesday that the shipment has been delayed. The distribution had been scheduled to begin Thursday.