Commanders fans should prepare for inevitable Carson Wentz positive COVID-19 test

Despite what the national media says, the Washington Commanders‘ decision to trade for Carson Wentz was the right one. Of course, acquiring Wentz meant absorbing all of his pitfalls; his crippling $28 million cap hit, volatile accuracy and penchant for maddening turnovers chief among them.

Despite all of those shortcomings, which no doubt have contributed to why Washington is his third team in as many seasons, Wentz brings tools to the quarterback position this franchise hasn’t seen since the Kirk Cousins era.

Speaking of our old friend, Cousins tested positive for COVID-19 and missed Minnesota’s preseason opener a few weeks ago.

This isn’t a huge deal as Cousins wasn’t expected to play many snaps, but the positive test served as a timely reminder of the risks that come with being unvaccinated. Unless Wentz experienced a change of heart in the last several months, he isn’t vaccinated and thereby runs the risk of a positive test this year.

Commanders fans should prepare for QB Carson Wentz to test positive for COVID-19 this season.

We hate to even discuss something that might not even happen, but COVID, despite the strides the country has made in its fight against the virus, has still managed to run rampant through NFL locker rooms. The Commanders experienced this late last season when nearly half the roster landed on the COVID list.

In March, the NFL and the players’ association announced the suspension of all COVID-19 protocols for the 2022 season. In other words, the league will no longer conduct mandatory testing for its players, coaches and staff.

This is a big win for Wentz (and the Commanders), but Cousins’ positive test proved unvaccinated individuals are anything but out of the woods. Per the new regulations, players and staff must continue to monitor themselves for symptoms on a daily basis. Players or staff whom test positive must self-isolate for a minimum of five days before they can get cleared to return to the facility.

Wentz landed on the COVID list before the Colts’ Week 16 clash against the Cardinals, but was ultimately able to clear protocols in time to play.

While the risk of Wentz testing positive is low relative to the last two seasons, all it takes is one Commander to pop positive before it snowballs. And given Wentz’s opposition to the vaccine, odds are he’ll test positive if teammates do.

Again, it might not happen, but Commanders fans should brace themselves for Wentz potentially missing a game on the COVID list.

Cousins’ positive test proved it’s a possibility.