Colorado’s Next Chapter: Our Roadmap to Moving Forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) — Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ Colorado’s Next Chapter: Our Roadmap to Moving Forward announcement is painting a path for a brighter future in Colorado. The Mayor of Pueblo, Nick Gradisar expressed his enthusiasm earlier last week.

In the City of Pueblo’s news release, the state of Colorado has the 10th lowest death rate in the country and the most people vaccinated, including the third vaccine dose in kids. Governor Polis laid out what Colorado residents may expect based on vaccination status, individuals who are not fully vaccinated, and individuals who are vaccinated but are high-risk or immunocompromised.

“You’ve done your part Colorado and you’ve earned the right to move beyond the pandemic in your lives and we as a state are here to help you do that and prepare just as aggressively as we have over the last two years,” said Governor Polis.

The next chapter in the plan includes four major areas: public health and hospital readiness, surge planning, expanding the healthcare workforce, and reforming the federal government. He explained this action plan will prepare the state for another future emergency and alleviate COVID-19 throughout Colorado.

“Our economy’s recovering faster and stronger than many of our neighboring states and our shut down was shorter and our schools have been in session more than many other states,” said Governor Polis. “And finally for the first time in two years, we’re seeing a semblance of normality.”

According to the Governor Polis, 91 percent of Colorado’s population were exposed to the COVID-19 virus through prior infection or as a result in being fully vaccinated.

“We have learned to be flexible throughout the past two years and we’re finally starting to see where our numbers in our communities are much more manageable and less threatening to our healthcare infrastructure,” said Mayor Gradisar. “We’re grateful for the work of our healthcare providers and essential workers who have borne the majority of this burden throughout the pandemic.”

Pueblo County’s positivity rate averaged at 3.5 percent as the overall infections have deceased. As of Monday, Pueblo County is level blue “caution” for a two week count of deceasing or steady hospitalizations.

“I still want to encourage Puebloans to be respectful of one another for those who want to continue to wear masks or those who are cautious because they are medically vulnerable,” said Gradisar. “I know we are all anxious to put COVID aside and I’m glad to see this plan outlined by Governor Polis will help us move forward across Colorado just as we’re looking to move forward here in Pueblo.”