As COVID-19 spikes, Central Florida health officials scramble to trace high-risk contacts

Mass exodus of SpaceX viewers walking back over the A. Max Brewer Bridge to their vehicles after the scrubbed launch announcement.

Health officials say this week’s surge in new coronavirus cases in Central Florida likely is the inevitable infectious fallout they’d warned us about: All those mask-less Memorial Day masses and curious crowds gathered during SpaceX’s historic May 30 return to human spaceflight looks to have been too much too soon.

Even the wave of protests in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death under a police officer’s knee in Minneapolis are expected to soon present a novel coronavirus toll.

In the wake of  rising coronavirus infection numbers and all that not-so-socially distanced activity, health officials are busy scrambling to trace as many people as possible in the highest risk groups that might have come into contact with active COVID-19 cases.

Because of the sheer masses of people that could be involved, health workers say they will be reaching out mainly through phone calls and public education.