6 Indiana ZIP codes have over 90% fully vaccinated for COVID-19

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — More than 90% of the population age 12 and older in six Indiana ZIP codes have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to data from the Indiana State Department of Health.

All but one of the ZIP codes with the highest vaccination rates are in central Indiana.

The ZIP codes, their location and the total and percentage vaccinated are:

  • 46914, Bunker Hill and Grissom Air Force Base, 1,662 fully vaccinated, 105%.
  • 46074, Westfield, 27,521 fully vaccinated, 99.6%.
  • 46077, Zionsville, 23,648 fully vaccinated, 99.4%.
  • 46814, Fort Wayne, 10,074 fully vaccinated, 97%.
  • 46037, Fishers, 30,777 fully vaccinated, 91.3%.
  • 46040, Fortville (includes southeastern Hamilton County), 9,230 fully vaccinated, 90.9%.

As a result of the high vaccination rates in these ZIP codes, Boone and Hamilton counties continue to lead the state as the only ones with more than 70% of residents who are fully vaccinated. Hamilton County has recorded 220,384, or 78.6%, of its residents as fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Boone County has recorded 41,535, or 73.7%, of its residents as fully vaccinated.

Several other Indiana ZIP codes are nearing the 90% mark:

  • 46075, Whitestown, 4,562 fully vaccinated, 89.3%.
  • 46259, Acton (southeastern Indianapolis and northeastern Johnson County), 7,831 fully vaccinated, 85.5%.
  • 46162, Needham, 248 fully vaccinated, 85.5%.

The county with the fewest people who are fully vaccinated is LaGrange County, which is northwest of Fort Wayne on the Indiana-Michigan state line. In two of its ZIP codes, 46565 (Shipshewana) and 46571 (Topeka), less than 14% of the population is fully vaccinated. Both ZIP codes have significant Amish populations, and lagging vaccination rates have been common in Plain sect communities across the United States.

Vaccination breakdowns are found under the “population” file on the Indiana Vaccine Dashboard.